In our New Year’s Eve Sunday service, we took time to SHARE THE GOODNESS OF GOD on how He is working in our lives (James 1:17). People shared a variety of themes to include trusting God when difficult things happen and listening to Him when He is speaking to us through circumstances He brings our way. Many from our church body shared, and it was a blessed time of fellowship as we looked forward to how God may lead and use us in the New Year.

Our Scripture passage for this Sunday was Psalm 19 focusing in particular on the second half of that book as we encouraged one another to read the Bible daily so we can become more like Jesus (e.g. John 17:17). Practically speaking, if you are a child of God and not reading any of the Bible, start reading at least a verse a day. The Daily Bread devotionals in our church can help you with that. Make that your new Year’s resolution and ask God to help you. He will! If you are reading a chapter a day, try to read maybe two, or maybe even try to read several a day to go through the entire Bible in a year! There are great Bible apps that make that easy with even the option to listen audibly to God’s Word if you have a hard time reading… It would take only about 15 minutes a day to do that.

Wherever you are at, as God’s child, He will help you grow if you seek His face (Heb. 11:6; Phil. 1:6, etc.).

And remember, as His children, no matter what we may face in the New Year or future, we have the precious truth from God He will never leave or forsake us (Matt. 28:19-20; Heb. 13:5; Eph. 2:8-9; Ps. 23:4, etc.) because Jesus, our Savior, paid the price no other could pay (John 1:29b; 3:16; Ps. 22:1, etc.).